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Welcome to "Ghost Team Six"
We are a PC, Mac & PS3 gaming group known as =|GTS|= or [GTS] clan.
We love Trick-shooting, No-scoping, Quick-Scoping, Knifing, run and gun and Trolling.
These skills are NOT required to join. Go to Donation Groups for a better chance to join!

High Score!
30th Oct 2013 · =|GTS|= F3T0R-HD · 6 Comments · Likes · Like

Our clan rating on the Clan & Guild recruitment website is now at 90!!!!
Keep up the activity and please vote our clan up. Just click the link on the "Vote for Us" panel to the top right of the page.
See you all on the servers!

Shut down cancelled!
27th Aug 2013 · =|GTS|= F3T0R-HD · 2 Comments · Likes · Like

The website shut down has been cancelled!
The website and clan will stay and we will have donations and servers set up by the end of this year.
We are terribly sorry for the delays but now we can go on.
Thanks to the help of our good members DefJamxD, SpikyBalls2, And Teemo(Founder)
We hope you all love the great news and we'll talk in the forums about it!

Shut down warning
26th Aug 2013 · =|GTS|= F3T0R-HD · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Sorry everyone. There has been some issues with the clan activity so a shut down may be necessary. Because of the inactivity and slight financial situations we most likely will NOT be getting servers up any time soon, if you choose to stay that is fine but, we may NOT be able to get the clan servers up. Sorry for all the server delays and we know that all of you have been waiting for the servers but, this might be necessary.
You can stay if you want, but at this time there is too much for one person to handle.
And since the clan website has been inactive, a shut down will be needed until further notice.
We are sorry for this terrible news.
More information on the shut down or keep up will be given by September 30th. If  there are no results then we will have to shut down the clan.

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